Having been in marketing for over 25 years for top local and national companies, I am well aware of the changing times and the difficulty of attracting business.  You can just look at the most recent US presidential race to know that marketing has changed from just a few mere years ago.  Drastically changed.  The number of impressions we are blasted with daily are immense.  How do you break through the clutter?  The old tried and true methods don’t stand the test anymore.  Having given hundreds of presentations to both large and small groups, I have a very good grasp of what and what doesn’t work.  My most recent updated approach to power point presentations achieved a rating of a 9.5 (out of 10 – darn) at a recent conference.  One blatantly obvious area for improvement needed among practitioners in the health field is the very important skill of giving a presentation.  Please feel free to download a free copy of my condensed version of      R E S P E C T for tips on how to give a presentation.  Hope this helps you.  Feel free to call me to get a more in depth understanding of R E S P E C T.  I am available for talks about this approach.  Good luck.

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