Clients often ask me, especially during this time of year, how do I eat healthy when I am eating out so much or I’m on vacation? This is a great question and one that faces “on the go” people and families all the time.

Here are a few tips to help stay on track:

  • Don’t attempt to go the entire vacation without a special “treat”.  But, limit it to one or two during your trip.  Pick one day and let that be your “go for it” day and enjoy every minute.
  • The next most important thing is to pick the right restaurant to enjoy lunch and/or dinner.  Check out menus on line before you head out the door.
  • Avoid fast food restaurants and if you are going for that family pizza outing, make sure they have other healthy options for you.
  • Grab a healthy snack of nuts and seeds, fruit or a deviled egg before you head out the door.  This will help curb that temptation to over order and go for those unhealthy appetizers on the menu.
  • Don’t eat fried foods.  Aim for baked items or a healthy salad with that tasty seafood (wild caught) on top.  Forget the fried wings.  If you have a craving for wings, eat them on that one day of indulgences.
  • Whenever possible – Go for the Gold – go for quality items on the menu.  It isn’t always possible but whenever you can go for organic, wild caught, fresh, no sugar added, items.  Do order vegetables as we don’t eat enough of this wonderful food.
  • Dessert – we all love desserts whether it be that delicious chocolate treat, or ice cream with all the toppings or a creamy cupcake.  If you want a treat, I suggest an organic dark chocolate 70% minimum cocao bar.  Keep your treats on hand to handle those chocolate craving.  Frozen yogurt with fruit is also a good option.
  • Most restaurants serve Mega-Size portions.  Try splitting dinner.  You will find you don’t overeat, can share an extra item and you save money.  Most restaurants will split the dinner in the kitchen for you.
  • Try not to eat out too late in the evening.  Eating dinner after 8:30pm at night is a recipe for indigestion and a sleepless night.
  • ENJOY – TAKE YOUR TIME, chew, sit back, relax and savor the moment. We tend to plow through our food in the US. Enjoy the experience!

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