“Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food” pretty amazing quote from the Doctor of Modern Medicine – Hippocrates back around 400 BC.  Do you think he knew something that we don’t seem to grasp today.  Check out my blogs on foods and health tips.  Get my free copy of “Super Foods to Health” and start thinking about what you eat.  My biggest tips for you are:

  1.  Avoid GMO foods.  Check out the 10/30/16 front page article in the NY Times about GMOs.  Almost ALL processed, packaged foods contain GMO foods.
  2. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient list – don’t buy it
  3. Buy only good quality, grass fed, animal products, fish – Wild Caught, buy organic whenever possible including vegetables and fruit!!
  4. Don’t drink sodas – most contain a carcinogen – High Fructose Corn Syrup
  5. Buy organic dairy

This is just the skim of the surface of what there is to know about our food supply and how to select food items to keep you and your family in good health.  If you or your loved ones are frequently seeing the doctor for ailments, think about the food you are consuming. It might be a source of your health concerns.