Many of us add protein powders and green supplement powders to our smoothies for additional nutrition.  I am one who adds ingredients to my smoothies as I don’t feel I receive enough nutrients from my diet.  I recently completed an analysis of  Protein  and Green powders.  My concerns for these non- regulated supplements are the ingredients added to products by companies that are not  held to rigorous testing.  Many companies in the US that manufacture products in the US are, for the most part, supplying these products with integrity.  Yet, my concern continues as to the source ingredients of these products.  There is concern in the industry that soon there will be a major media blow up, similar to what happened in the pet food industry, where ingredients found in pet foods manufactured in China killed over 1000 pets. Such a media frenzy will rear its head in products sold in major retailers.  Buyer beware.  Two powders that appear to be “safe” are Vibrant Health Fields of Greens – organic greens and Garden of Life Raw Fit – organic protein powder. Eat Well! PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO FIND OUT IF YOUR SUPPLEMENTS, ADDITIVES, VITAMINS, ETC ARE SAFE. CALL ME AT 443-994-6003

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  • Mary Egan

    says on:
    December 17, 2015 at 12:04 am

    Smoothies are the best way to get additional nutrients