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What we eat is KEY to good health and enjoyment of life. I am a passionate proponent of educating others to the importance of food and supplement selections. There is a health and environmental crisis in this country and unless we start addressing it, our health care system will financially bankrupt this country. I see daily the effects of poor choices on our health and that of our kids, parents, friends and family. Research has proven that what we eat can effect everything in our body including our brain. The statistics of our declining health conditions is frightening. Join me – get educated. Sign up for updates, latest news, and health tips. Be part of the change to a health conscious society!


I am sure you’ve heard everything there is about exercise – the how to, where to, and what to exercise. The important thing is TO exercise and research is pointing to interval training – short bursts of energy expansion – provides the best results. Exercise can even affect the brain by driving more oxygen and blood to the brain. A family member was recently diagnosed with cancer.  The doctor said 2 of the most important things to do – exercise 30 minutes a day and eat better!


EXPLORING options and life style choices can be fun and beneficial. Most of us are stuck in the habits we have created over the years. We don’t want to change until there is a health scare to either us or our loved ones. Please don’t wait for that to happen. Start now to find out how you and your loved ones can have a long and happier life through alternative choices. Explore the unknown. There is a new world of options out there.


“Mary is a great person to have on your side. She helped me manage my pain even when facing surgery.  I recovered quicker with her program. Very reasonable and easily accessible”

~ Cindy